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The Rulers

24 week partial birth abortion-cutting the brain

NYSE Chief Grasso meets with Columbian Drug Lord

Vatican II Popes Carry Bent Cross-Satanic Symbol

King of the Senate-Rockefeller, Man of Stature

The World is not as it is presented to us.  What seems unreal is often frighteningly real.  The mass of Americans, even sons and daughters of the elite, are brainwashed the moment they arrive at school on yellow buses, buses no better than if they had the words County Jail written on them.  More of our young kids end up in the County Jail than in any other part of the world.  But that's ok.  Things are better here than in other countries.  We have food, fresh water, freedom.  To the contrary, 2000 years ago Roman soldiers had barracks that were kept warm in the winter by a fluid hot water heating system.  Greek philosophers lived to be 100.  Feudal peasants were given 4 acres of land to live on.  Are we devolving?  It was once a crime to lend money with any amount of iterest.  Today usury rules.  Advertising, because it was rude, demeaning and competitive was also outlawed.  Today's world is a sadists dream.  Elites at the top have not controlled a society so minutely since the days of Babylon and Egypt.  Why do you think the Federal Reserve note they call the dollar bill has a pyramid with an eye on top?  Though there are good people working in all branches of government and all occupations the managerial system that has invaded everything from our schools to our hospitals and businesses is hierarchical and controlled by elites through propaganda, ideology and money, directing every aspect of society, taking us further down the road of global slavery disguised as benevolent capitalism and free markets.
The world is ruled by hypocrisy.  This was Jesus of Nazareth's, Christ's mission, to replace sacrifice and violence perpetuated by the hypocrisy of elites with  mercy and love.  Every ruler in the world is a hypocrite.  You can not be good AND powerful.  Today's problem is a problem of the devastating psychological and moral effects of the broad witness to instiutionalized hypocricy.